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As owners of real estate ourselves, we understand your needs and the importance of the value of your investment. Our comprehensive approach is the key in maintaining your property in a pristine fashion.  Lakeshore's in-house maintenance staff ensures that your property is well cared for and impeccably managed, as a result we handle your property as our very own.

Our Clients Are Global Leaders

When elite global companies require comprehensive solutions, they turn to Lakeshore Management. Our track record of attracting and retaining world class companies contributes to our reputation as the premier provider of commercial real estate solutions.

Professional Services

Lakeshore Management is equipped to offer our clients an assortment of professional services tailored to fit their individual investment needs. We ensure each property is well-maintained and serviced with close attention to detail. This comprehensive approach enables our clients' assets to exceed their expectations.

Portfolio Management

Experience Lakeshore’s exclusive Portfolio Management Program, which involves asset allocation and selection by our informed experts. Portfolio Management takes place after the desired Assets are chosen. Diversification is equally important in real estate investments as in traditional capital market investments. Large investors diversify their portfolio across different asset classes and geography. Leases and rental agreements necessitate intentional structuring attracting tenants, providing flexibility, reducing vacancies and limiting liability exposure all while meeting your portfolio’s tactical goals. Our experienced managers will apportion your resources strategically as effectively managed resources will positively impact your portfolio’s value. Our Portfolio Managers specialize in strategy and asset placement, our Asset Managers concentrate on the individual properties financial matters, while the property manager coordinates the property maintenance. This relationship is a crucial portion of real estate investing, much like how a board of directors must work closely with the CEO of a corporation.

Asset Management

Experience Lakeshore’s Asset Management Program to maximize your investment. Asset Management is conducted individually for each property in a portfolio. The focus of an Asset Manager is to maximize property value. Lakeshore’s Asset Managers maximize value by mitigating risks and promoting valuable improvements to improve an asset’s performance. We navigate the complex legal and tax rules governing investment property in the United States.­ Our experienced staff works to reduce expenditures and find the optimal sources of revenue while mitigating your liability and risk. As asset managers, we embody the entrepreneurial spirit of the property. Decisions such as negotiations, government approvals and lease analysis, require risks assumptions and forecasts. Asset Managers who make the best decisions are rewarded with optimal asset profitability.

Property Management

Experience Lakeshore’s elite property management program. Property Management may be conducted on an individual property or for every property in a portfolio. The focus of a Property Manager is to supervise the daily operations and business of each property they manage. As your property manager, we act on your behalf to control expenses and enhance revenue while improving the value of your asset. Our primary responsibilities as Property Mangers include property maintenance supervision, rent collection, marketing, and compliance with local landlord-tenant and real estate board laws. Preventive maintenance and minor construction also fall under the scope of a property manager’s responsibilities. Property Managers who excel at their duties will position an asset to minimize vacancy, reduce tenant turnover, improve a property’s reputation, and increase demand for available space at the property in advance of any future vacancies.

Lease Administration

Experience Lakeshore’s professional lease administration team. Working closely with Lakeshore’s property management and accounting teams, our Lease Administrators handle lease supervisory functions at individual locations. The focus of a Lease Administrator is to oversee the negotiation of agreements with incoming tenants and ensure that potential tenants are qualified prior to entering the lease negotiation process. Our primary responsibilities as Lease Administrators include maintaining regular communication with the tenant’s representatives, and ensuring that new lease agreements meet required lease specifications for grantors and obligatories.

Receivership & Distressed Assets

Experience Lakeshore’s exceptional Receivership and Distressed Asset Program. This program is property specific. Our Receivership and Distressed Asset Program resolves and capitalizes on the underperformance of your asset by our seasoned professionals. Receivership is a legal process where a court-appointed third party, or Receiver, is assigned to determine the management and sale of an asset that has been foreclosed on by a taxing authority. Distressed properties are ones in which ownership is experiencing or is likely to experience a significant loss in value, or a property that is experiencing negative cash flow for an extended length of time. Court appointed receivers work alongside Lakeshore creating management and disposition strategies for the asset. Our experienced managers will assist you in rejuvenating your distressed asset. Since our management staff are in-house, you will have a single point of contact throughout the process of restoring your property’s market value.


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