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Chief Operating Officer

Jaimey R. is a founding partner and Chief Operating Officer at Lakeshore Management. In this role, Jaimey oversees the day to day operations and management of Lakeshore’s real estate portfolio, achieving its strategic goals, and executing Lakeshore’s business plan. He is a third-generation real estate professional whose expertise not only guides his customers, but also nurtures relationships with customers, tenants, vendors and other strategic partners. He claims that the “people and the culture” at Lakeshore Management contribute to its stellar reputation in the marketplace. Jaimey attended the University of Arizona and obtained a BS in Accounting and Finance.


Director of Leasing

Jason B. is a founding partner and Director of Leasing at Lakeshore Management. In this role, Jason initiates, facilitates, and oversees every aspect of the management operations involving leasing. Jason previously served as a Chief Operating Officer of Osprey S. A. Ltd where he directed the company’s operations and oversaw acquisitions of over one billion dollars. He attests that Lakeshore Management is set apart from similar companies due to the “stellar attitudes and impressive experiences of the employees”. Jason attended Michigan State University and served as a non-commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps.


Director of Construction

Jason A. is a founding partner and the Director of Construction at Lakeshore Management. In this role, Jason oversees all physical work to the properties such as tenant improvements, capital expenditures, and major asset repairs. Jason contributes twenty-four years of construction experience to the company including space planning, custom tenant build outs, and property inspections. His extensive experience with this work allows him to quickly assess and prepare budgets for tenant improvements. According to Jason, “Friday staff lunches” reflect the company’s positive and upbeat culture.  Jason is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University.


Director of Property Management

Marc L. is Director of Property Management at Lakeshore Management. In this role, Marc oversees our properties providing each tenant with superb service and attention. His 37 plus years of experience is rooted in his former position as a property manager for Dembs Roth Group. While there, he supported and created all angles of managing their portfolio of industrial and commercial facilities across multiple states. Marc regards Lakeshore Management as a “top-notch workplace due to its energetic staff”. Marc graduated from Michigan State University with Material Logistics Management degree.


Chief Financial Officer

Richard G. is the Chief Financial Officer at Lakeshore Management. In this role, Richard leads the accounting and finance team for the company. He oversees the financial well being of the organization by providing financial projections and accounting services including the preparation of growth plans and directing staff. Richard’s background includes a previous position as a CPA with BDO, and CFO and controller of Champaign Webber, a billion-dollar construction company based in Houston, Texas.  He recognizes that Lakeshore Management, “prides itself on how well the employees work together and collaborate making it an exciting environment for everyone”. Richard earned his degree from Central Michigan University’s Honors College.


Senior Accountant

John B. is Lakeshore Management’s Senior Accountant. In this role, John’s responsibilities include monitoring special projects and the associated accounting. Prior to joining Lakeshore Management, John was as a financial manager for several industries including property management, automotive suppliers, and road construction. He shares that at Lakeshore Management, “its main strength is its people. They have the experience, background, and skills required to effectively manage and grow an exemplary property management business”.  John graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor in Business Administration degree with accounting as his major.


Treasury Secretary, Office Administrator

Renee R. is Lakeshore Management’s Treasury Secretary and Office Administrator. In this role, Renee handles owner distributions, wire transfers, notes payable, and assists with general accounting. Additionally, Renee manages  human resource strategies, policies, and procedures. Prior to joining Lakeshore Management, Renee was an assistant manager at Flagstar Bank, and managed properties for Singh Development.  She proudly notes that, “at Lakeshore Management everyone is like family and treated as such”. Renee graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor in Science.


Lease Administration

Betsie R is the Lease Administrator at Lakeshore Management. Her position involves generating lease documents and abstracts as well as control and maintenance of tenant information. Her ten years of experience with Osprey S. A., Ltd contributes to her excellent performance. Betsie is a proud member of the Lakeshore team who claims, “it is a young, vibrant growing company with a knowledgeable group of professionals who are a pleasure to work with and who provide constant support and friendship”. Betsy is a graduate of Lake Forest College in Illinois with a degree in English.


Account Manager

Cindee R. is Lakeshore Management’s Account Manager. In this role, Cindee manages the company’s incoming and outgoing payables, receivables, and utilizes Lakeshore's Skyline Property Management software. Cindee previously was a member of the finance team for Advance Plumbing where she advised ownership and helped the operation to grow its sales and reach new markets.  She claims that Lakeshore Management is unique in that, “it is just fun working here because everyone is happy”.  Cindee holds a Bachelor of Arts from Wayne State University.


Senior Maintenance Technician

Steve V. is the Senior Maintenance Technician at Lakeshore Management. In this role, Steve’s focus is on maintenance of all of Lakeshore's properties. He tends to property maintenance issues and immediately responds to any and all service calls. Steve’s background of twenty plus years in construction had equipped him with the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills contributing to his professionalism and fine work. He shares that he is honored to be part of a company that he is “witnessing grow so fast”.


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